Cannabis and Sport

Nowadays, cannabis and sport is something that can be related closely. There are many athletes that use or consume cannabis. Some people believe that it will give some positive effects in how the athletes can do their routine. However, there are many people who believe that consuming cannabis will give […]

What To Expect At A Halfway House

Whether you’re recovering from an addiction or you need a safe place to stay until you can get into your own home, a halfway house is an option to consider. When you tour halfway houses in Maryland, you’ll find that they are large houses that have been divided into individual […]

Why a Good Smile Makes You More Attractive

If a group of 100 people were put in the same room and they were asked to describe what they felt an attractive person looked like, it’s likely that all of them would have different criteria. However, there would be some general things that most people would consider to be […]

4 Ways Mindful Meditation Helps Overcome Addiction

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.”  –Jon Kabat-Zinn Finding mindful meditation was a blessing when I was going through my alcohol and drug rehabilitation process; I was an addict for many many years, and after many obstacles, setbacks and difficulties, I finally got the professional help […]

How Can I Cultivate A Healthy Mind And Body?

If you want to optimize well-being in your mind and body, you should implement strategies to help you do so now. Below you’ll find several suggestions you can implement to make holistic wellness your normative way of life: 1. Start Your Day With A Powerful Meditation. One of the best […]