Building Muscle – Which equipment is best

Free weights are used by people who are advanced in their training to not only maintain but also improve on their results.  For those who are novices or attempting to get stronger, weight machines are a great way to build muscle while giving the user a thorough workout.  Weight machines have helped many who are new to this mode of training to become familiar with basic issues like form, initial weight to use and how to work on improving performance over time.  What one has to keep in mind is that there are different machines for different parts of the body and one has to work accordingly. You may get one from the varied gym equipment for sale on the website.

How to Use fitness equipment:

Keep in mind that there are many machines which offer different configurations.  The amount of resistance offered is the main differentiator – some used stacked weights which work with pulleys or cables. Other types of resistance are free weights which have to be raised/lowered using levers.  The principal difference is between fixed configuration and cable machines. The former allow the user to do only one type of exercise while cables allow users to do different exercises using their own form.

Points to Note:

  • Fixed configuration machines are the best for novice weight trainers. They let the user do the exercises correctly without the help of a trainer. All of the machines have pictures showing how the exercises should be done, target muscles and what weight capacity is available.  Many gyms have several machines that provide the same feel as a free weight.  It pays to work with a trainer to get used to using different machines.
  • Cable weight machines work on a pulley mechanism which is attached to stacked weights – allowing for a complete and thorough workout. With this type of configuration, users can work out the upper and lower body. Exercises like leg curls and extensions, bicep curls, triceps, chest fly, shoulder presses etc can be done by changing one’s stance.  One has to get familiar with the machine and each exercise before one can do them.  No guidance is available on the machine.
  • Choosing the best training program depends on how quickly a person wants to transition to free weights. Both styles help people to become stronger and build muscle mass.  Each style works on primary muscles only and the only way to engage the stabilizer muscles is to eventually use free weights.

How to pick the right machine

Affordable and mid-priced gym equipment for sale on the website can be found at sporting goods chain stores.  If one wants to invest in the expensive model, these are available at specialty stores. One can also order through online stores – customers should try out a machine before ordering it.  This will clear up issues like bumping up against the frame or if the movement doesn’t feel fluid.

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