Impact of fascial stretch therapy on your personal and intimate life

Fascia stands for all of the connective tissue in our body. Connective tissues are what holds our body together as it forms a vast supporting network and surrounds every muscle from head to toe. Fascia stretch therapy is a unique system of manual therapy for the parasympathetic nervous system that has been proved to be hugely successful in the cure of common neuromyofascial imbalances, dysfunctions, and disorders. As your house fitness claims, it is designed to increase your mobility, while improving your energy levels and blood circulation.

Living life to the fullest of your capacity requires optimal control over both posture (static position) and movement (dynamic position). Fascial stretch therapy takes care of both. At your house fitness, when this therapy is performed on you, you feel a push-pull sensation that almost makes you feel ‘longer’. Just three sessions can help you feel balanced and functional and will reduce the risk of injury to your muscles. You feel amazingly relaxed like you are almost floating.

Impact of fascial stretch therapy on your personal and intimate life

Though one session can be beneficial, it has to be done frequently to reap all of its benefits. Fascial stretching is incredibly gentle, you feel no pain, just a mild pressure on certain muscles in your body. It frees up those nerve endings which make you feel pleasure rather than pain. It reduces soreness and improves blood flow to tired muscles. It has also been proven to help you run faster, improve your coordination, increase your flexibility and boost your endurance levels. If you happen to have an injury from your exercises, fascial therapy can cure it effectively. Stretching the fascial muscles, breaks the scar tissues and increases the range of motion in the injures areas of the body. You receive a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation gets you back in action better than any other regular massage.

Intimacy is enhanced

Apart from the physical benefits during the fascial therapy session, it also improves your sex life. Since fascial stretch therapy manipulates the flexibility of how capable your body can stretch, it can impact your intimate moments with your partner in a positive manner. It provides improved strength and decreased stress which can improve your overall quality of lifestyle. The therapy works to re-wire your brain and create safety in the movements that we tend to forget that our bodies are holding on to. The muscles are stretched in such a manner that you feel ‘loose’ and motivates you to work out to retain that flexibility. Fascial therapy basically helps you learn to incorporate a holistic approach to your health and body which will be a significant improvement to the essence of your conscience lifestyle.

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