If you have ever felt dizzy and felt like the room around you was spinning non=stop you’re probably suffering from a condition called vertigo. Vertigo is becoming more of a common condition these days and people are trying to figure out what can cure it.

In order to cure vertigo you need to learn more about it. This condition is very persistent and it causes nausea, vomiting, loss of balance, and even excessive sweating. People suffering from this condition aren’t 100% percent sure what causes it but they do know it is making their life difficult to live.

When they feel the symptoms mentioned above they quickly go to their doctor trying to find a treatment that can stop the dizzy sensations their feeling. Most doctors prescribe antihistamines to treat vertigo. This medication works by stopping the feeling of motion sickness from taking over. However, these antihistamines medications can cause a lot of side effects if they’re being taken for a long period of time.

Another medication doctors love to prescribe to help vertigo sufferers is benzodiazepines. These medications work by preventing motion sickness and reducing anxiety caused by vertigo. However, just like the antihistamines this medicine can cause adverse effects if taken long term. Moreover, medications for vertigo often treat the symptoms but the problem returns in a short while.

This is why most people who want to learn how to get rid of vertigo want to learn how to do it naturally without taking harmful and sometimes expensive medications. There various home remedies that can be used to treat vertigo effectively and safely but they can take a lot of time and effort to work.

Vertigo Exercises

One of the best ways to treat vertigo naturally is to exercise to reduce the symptoms. Most exercise therapies for vertigo work by moving around the crystals in the inner ear canals that’s often causing the problem. If you can move these crystals back into the area where they’re supposed to be you’ll be able to get rid of your vertigo symptoms naturally. One exercise that helps is called the vestibular rehabilitation therapy.

Performing this exercise helps by helping your brain compensate by using other senses that help repair the damaged vestibular system due to vertigo. Also known as VRT, this exercise routine involves three separate exercises to improve the vertigo condition.

These three exercises in VRT are called gaze stabilization, habituation, and balnce training. Only people experienced with physical therapy exercises like VRT can perform it. So any experienced chiropractor, therapist, or other expert in the medical field can help you perform this exercise.

Other than exercises you can get rid of vertigo naturally by using ginger. Ginger helps treat vertigo naturally in more than one way. For one it helps with reducing or eliminating symptoms commonly associated with vertigo such as motion sickness. Also, it helps get rid of vertigo naturally by increasing the amount of blood flow the brain receives.

With more blood being pumped to the brain it helps eliminate most vertigo symptoms. To use simply chew on a piece of raw ginger root. You want to make sure the ginger is completely peeled and then chew on it whenever you feel symptoms coming on.

Herbs for Vertigo

You can also naturally get rid of vertigo by using herbs such as ginkgo biloba. This herb works by improving the blood flow to your brain so symptoms stop affecting you. Another herb for vertigo that works is Indian Gooseberry. This herb works by reducing the dizzy and spinning sensations that vertigo sufferers usually experience. To use this herbal remedy for vertigo you will need to make a tea with it and then drink it slowly.

There are definitely plenty of different home remedies for vertigo out there that can really help. These 3 remedies listed here will definitely help you get rid of vertigo and prevent symptoms from returning.