Nowadays, cannabis and sport is something that can be related closely. There are many athletes that use or consume cannabis. Some people believe that it will give some positive effects in how the athletes can do their routine. However, there are many people who believe that consuming cannabis will give more negative effects than the positive ones. Therefore, we are going to briefly discuss about how cannabis can affects the sport.

Cannabis: General Information

Cannabis or well-known as marijuana is one of the psychoactive drug that created by a specific plant called cannabis plant. Cannabis plant consists of a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This substance is one of the main reasons why cannabis can cause some mental and physical effects such as high feeling, euphoria, and others related effects. However, there are some negative effects that might be caused by consuming cannabis. In short-term effects, the cannabis can cause anxiety, panic attack, paranoia, hallucinations, problem in react and coordinate, and other effects. In long-term effects, it might cause some problems in some vital organs such as heart, lung, liver, and other organs.

Basically, cannabis may be used for medical and recreation use. In medical use, cannabis can be used as a medicine for some conditions with the proper dose. For more information about medical use of the cannabis, you might check Cannabis is mostly used for recreational use. Many people use cannabis due to psychoactive substance and some immediate psychological effects that might be felt after consuming the cannabis.

The Use of Cannabis in Sport

Cannabis has been used in many aspects of life, including in sport. There are many athletes that also consume cannabis. There are some reasons of using cannabis in sport. First is the recreational reason. There are many athletes that train very hard. They are also burdened with very high expectation and targets. The calming and relaxing sensation of consuming cannabis is considered very helpful for some athletes. Some Athletes also said that consuming the cannabis can make them focus on the game or competition. However, cannabis is also considered as one of the prohibited substance in the sport. Although it hasn’t have a scientific proved about the effect of consuming cannabis in increasing the athlete’s performance, World Anti-Doping Agency has classified cannabis as the prohibited substance in the sport.

Good or Bad?

One of the most important things to answer about cannabis and sport is whether it is good or bad in especially in affecting the performance and health. There are two different opinions about this particular issue. Some people believed that the use of cannabis in sport with the proper dose will give some positive effects to the athletes. Some athletes from many different kinds of sport use cannabis due to its relaxing and calming effects. Some scientists also believe that the effect of consuming cannabis after the exercise is relatively similar with the natural process that happened in our body. Some researchers have shown that after the exercise, our body will naturally produce high level of a substance called anandamide which is cannabinoid.

However, some people also believe that cannabis will give more bad effect to the athlete. Like any other psychoactive drugs, cannabis can be so addictive. When it is has been so addictive, people will be very dependable with the drug and mostly will have difficulties to control the use. This condition will lead to other serious condition. If you cannot control the use of cannabis, it may affect the sport performance by increasing the heart rate. The increasing heart rate will slow down your reaction, make some difficulties in coordinate your body movements, and reduce your accuracy. It may affect your appetite that will directly influence to your body mass and nutrition.  Cannabis can also give bad effects in mental and psychological aspect such as anxiety, nervous, paranoia, and restlessness that will lead to sleep pattern problems.

That’s all about cannabis and sport. There are good and bad effects that you will get in consuming the cannabis. Therefore, if you are type of person who needs cannabis, you probably need to carefully control the use. For you who don’t use cannabis, it will be better if you stay that way. For more information, you can check MMJHerb