Liposuction is also termed as “Lipo” or “Lipectomy” or fat modeling. It is a surgery process where tremendous amount of fat is been removed from the human body parts surgically, and this is done if you want to lose weight with 7 day diet plan. You might be having question which part of the body fat can be removed? They are mainly abdomen or neck or arms or thighs or abdomen and buttocks too. In this article, we will be sharing information with you regarding the liposuction procedure and risk factor that you need to know.

When there is an excessive amount of fat present in your body, it is not always possible for the surgeon to remove all the necessary fat once at a time. The amount of fat that can be removed usually depends on the method used on the patient. Maximum of at least 5 kg fat can be removed once at a time with the procedure of Liposuction.

If more than the limited amount of fat is removed from the body of the patient, then there could be the rise of lots of bad consequences. As a matter of fact, Liposuction is one of the most popular performed aesthetic producers to remove fats form human body parts.

What are the risk factors of Liposuction?

Talking about any of the surgery leads to different types of risk like bleeding, inflammation and many others. The risk occurs with the involvement of the large procedure going beyond day limit. Also depend on the surgeons how highly trained and skilled they are to perform the Liposuction surgery. Here are some of the details of the risk that is likely to occur on the patient of the surgery.

  • Right after few days of surgery there could be appearing bad bruising on the body parts.
  • Irritation of skin or burns may lead to swelling like up to duration of 6 months to get alright.
  • A patient having poor skin elasticity may appear withered and bumpy too.
  • The portion of the body from where the fat has been removed may make you feel
  • Most of the times fluid may instantly lead to ooze form the incisions of the surgery.
  • There is a change of occurring blood clot into the veins of the patient with inflammation.
  • The patient who has done the surgery of liposuction may have kidney or heart problems.
  • Allergic reaction could take place due to the medications or any material that is used in the surgery.

What is the procedure of Liposuction?

 Patient will be put in to Anesthesia to continue the surgery on them by putting them into sleep. The process will take almost 1 to 4 hours to complete the duration of the surgery. On the lower part of the body, the surgeon injects the epidural space that surrounds the fluid filled sac which is near the spine. Also few amount of anesthetic may be use in the process of liposuction on small portion. Speaking of the techniques of the surgery of liposuction there are lots of them.

  • Tumescent liposuction – In this procedure many liters of saline solution along with a local anesthetic is use. Also a vessel constrictor is been pumped just below the skin of the Lipoescultura Brasilia DF or the surgery area. The targeted fasts are totally sucked out using small suction tubes.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, UAL – It is also known by other name like ultrasonic liposuction, here the cannula is powered by ultrasound that allows the fat of your body to melt. The process works impressively by bursting out the walls of the fat cells, simply liquefying the fat that makes the suction very easy. This procedure is effective for the male breast and their back portion, also in the part of the body where liposuction is already done.
  • Power-assisted liposuction, PAS – it is also goes by the other name that is powered liposuction which use an unique cannula along with the mechanized system that keeps on moving back to forth, given the way to surgeon to take out the fat in a simplest way.
  • Laser Assisted Lipolysis, LAL – It is one of the process, that need to involve tumescent fluid in the surgery. This procedure is quite different than the other in the list, basically deals with the less invasive but includes blood to remove the fat part of your body. Here microcannula is put using a small incision to provide laser energy and produce heat into under the fat of the skin.            


After getting through the surgery of liposuction on any selected body parts, the patients have to go through anesthetic treatment, support bandages, antibiotics, painkillers and stitches removed. Liposuction is mainly done to have a comfortable body weight, especially for those people who having large amount of body fats. However best methods would be to go for a minimal Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. Resort-based Ayurvedic treatments in Wayanad have become too famous these days. But most of the patients seem to be already having a stable body weight, right before they undergo through the surgery. But that you already know that the Liposuction procedure and risk factor, we strongly suggest you to think about the surgery and make a wise decision.