If a group of 100 people were put in the same room and they were asked to describe what they felt an attractive person looked like, it’s likely that all of them would have different criteria. However, there would be some general things that most people would consider to be attractive. Top among the list of things that makes a person look attractive is having an attractive smile. This underscores the importance of the work that is discussed in The Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry.

Research holds out the fact that having an attractive smile makes a person look nice. There have been multiple tests that were done where the same individual was shown to multiple people. In some images the person was smiling, and in other images they were not. Individuals who are smiling and who showed themselves to be happier were perceived by others to be more attractive.

What’s interesting is that a comparison was made between faces that would generally be considered attractive and those that would generally be considered average or unattractive. Individuals with faces that most would consider to be attractive who were not smiling were thought to be less attractive than individuals who would generally be considered to be unattractive but were smiling.

Studies have shown that the effect of smiling on one’s attractiveness is not limited to one gender or another. Both men and women are perceived as being more attractive if they simply smile. The happier they are, the happier they look, and the more attracted people are to them.

One of the reasons why having an attractive smile might make a person appear to be more attractive is that smiling is contagious. When a person smiles at someone, they affect that person’s emotions. When someone looks at a person who is smiling at them, they feel happier. Those increased emotions are enough to make the person they are looking at appear to be more attractive.

The jury is still out as to whether or not a person is perceived as being more attractive if they are genuinely smiling as opposed to if they are putting on a fake smile. It would stand to reason that the individual with the genuine smile would be rated as more attractive because humans can tell the difference between a genuine smile and a fake one. However, something that is very clear is that the more attractive a person’s smile is and the more prone they are to smiling, the more attractive the world perceives them to be.